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Assam CM denies CAA will facilitate million more migration

Staff Reporter, Sivasagar, March 12: The Chief Minister, while inaugurating the newly constructed residential complexes for 25th AP Battalion at Demow Pathar near Joysagar today, said that CAA has been in force since two years back once it was made into a law and not now.He said that it would not facilitate any more settlement of people of Bangladesh origin other than those that entered Assam prior to 2014 and those that applied for citizenship in the last census operation. He further said that he would be the first to join protest agitation if even one new person gets citizenship after that.Dr Sharma said that the time has come for the people to know whether he was right or the anti- CAA agitationists were.He reiterated his observation that CAA would not affect Assam at all as few people would apply for citizenship from the state with all those relevant documents though no one can be deterred from applying online.He pointed out that no one would come out and identify himself as a foreigner and apply for citizenship afresh and hence there would be few from Assam. He admitted that there might be a large number in Barak Valley.He urged the people through the media not to indulge in agitations for agitation's sake. Earlier Dr Sharma said that the 25th Battalion was created by the state government to provide security to ONGC installations and operational sites in the state. Now the government is happy to provide over 150 quarters for 1154 personals, magazine store and office complex for the Battalion at a cost of Rs 15 crore in 130 bigha of land. Casting aspersions on the INDIA Opposition , Dr Sharma said that out of the 16 party Opposition only one party has got the largest slice of the cake and he said that there is no opposition unity as such.

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