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Assamese film “The Slam Book” - a pure love story

Entertainment Desk: In recent times, Assamese cinema has witnessed unprecedented success in the business aspect, becoming a significant movement in the industry. Riding on this growing demand for Assamese content, NK Production organised a screening of their latest Assamese film, The Slam Book, on June 28 last. Among the many invited guests, I was one, and I did not let this opportunity go. I attended the screening, and I can vouch that it was a decision that I did not regret making as I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. NK Production has always provided platforms for new talents, and The Slam Book is no exception. Debutants Nirupam Saikia and Shreshtha B. Choudhury have delivered remarkable performances that captivated the audience. Their acting skills, showcased for the first time on camera, establish them as potential stars of Assamese cinema under the skillful direction of talented filmmakers. The music of Zubin Garg deserves special praise and admiration. His melodious songs have a unique charm that enchants the audience. Garg's soulful vocals and mesmerising compositions enrich the cinematic experience, providing a beautiful collection of songs. Director Pranjal Goyari, one of the leading figures in the film industry, teams up with cinematographer Jnan Gautam, who exhibits exceptional talent. Gautam's commendable camera work showcases his skill, particularly in capturing some scenes in a single shot. Thanks to Gautam's cinematography, the audience appreciated his work during the special screening. The editing by Pradeep Pal is impressive. Let me not delve in and share spoilers! The movie was officially released in theatres on June 30, 2023, and is now successfully running across Assam. The movie will connect well with the youth of this generation, as they have experienced the charm of writing slam books. The movie would appeal to them. Among other actors, Rupam Barua stands out for his brilliant performance in a supporting role, earning well-deserved recognition. Other actors include the likes of Priyanka Barua, Kakoli Handique, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, and Raj Datta. In a nutshell, The Slam Book's entire cast has done a commendable job and their performances do not disappoint anyone. Although there are minor flaws in the sound mixing, they do not detract from the overall experience. From an overall perspective of simple entertainment, The Slam Book is an enjoyable film. I appreciate and enjoy films of this genre, irrespective of the language in which they are made. Each genre has its own historical purpose; some films fulfil that purpose while others do not. With the release of The Slam Book, it achieved its intended purpose with the audience's support.

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