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Married Woman Raped in Baghjan

Staff Reporter, Dibrugarh, June 11: In Baghjan, Tinsukia district, Assam, outrage has gripped the local Adivasi community following the discovery of the body of Nima Suri, a married woman, near the Oil India Limited EPS facility. The incident, believed to be a case of rape and murder, has sparked widespread condemnation and demands for justice. On June 6, 2024, the body of Nima Suri was recovered by Baghjan and Guijan police, along with the district administration. Prior to this, the All Assam Adivasi Students' Association Baghjan Regional Committee had submitted a memorandum alleging the gang rape and murder of the victim. Despite a 48-hour deadline set in the memorandum, the local police failed to take immediate action, fueling public outrage. In response, the All Assam Adivasi Mahila Samiti, Tinsukia District Committee, and the All Assam Adivasi Students' Association Baghjan Regional Committee organized a sit-in protest outside the Baghjan police station. Hundreds of people gathered, demanding the swift arrest of the perpetrators involved in the heinous crime. The protesters emphasized the urgency of bringing those responsible for such inhumane acts to justice. They warned that if authorities failed to respond within the next 24 hours, they would escalate their movement. Earlier, local residents suspected foul play in the death of Nima Suri, who is believed to be the wife of a local resident named Suring. Amidst the calls for justice, locals have also appealed to authorities to implement safe measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The tragic death of Nima Suri has reignited conversations about the safety and security of women in the region, prompting calls for immediate action to address such issues.

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