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Assam Book Fair begins in Sivasagar Boarding Field

Staff Reporter, Sivasagar, November 18: The Assam Book Fair, organized by the Assam Publication Board( APB) in association with the All Assam Book Publishers and Booksellers Association( AABPSA) begins this evening amidst a modest gathering of book lovers, writers, publishers, and students. Attending the inaugural function, noted Academy Award winner children’s litterateur, Rajeswar Sing Raju said that he had traveled over three thousand km to attend the book festival here and was surprised to see the similarity of the two people and their cultures. He also said that he felt excited reading about Lachit Borphuka’s story and the history of the Ahoms. Each Assamese soldier was a cultivator and a warrior. He said that Assam has some mystery that is hard to unravel because no one in history could win over Assam. The fascination for books in India began in the days of the saints in the ancient past, Raju added. Earlier, inaugurating the book fair, Sahityacharjya Dr Nahendra Padun said that books will eternally attract inquisitive minds as they store knowledge and this is what makes humans different from animals. He lauded the role of the Publication Board and the Book Sellers Association for making the books available to all people in even remote areas. Speaking as the chief guest, noted novelist Phanindra Kumar Chowdhury said that the book fairs are a great public service done by the APB and the AABPSA to our society which contributes to the overall intellectual development of the people. The book fairs leave a lasting impact on minds and society. Over 50 publishing houses have participated in the book fair.

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