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Karva Chauth celebrated at Raj Bhavan

Staff Reporter, Guwahati, October 13: The first Lady of Assam Prem Mukhi along with women from different walks of life participated in the celebrations of the auspicious Karva Chauth festival held at Raj Bhavan today. Observing the festival, the First Lady Prem Mukhi said that she was very happy having been in a position to celebrate the festival along with other women of the state as the assembly of several women in celebrating the festival led to collective happiness. She also said, “It is believed that Draupadi performed Karva Chauth for the longevity of the Pandavas and Parvati observed this Festival for Lord Shiva, and hence, the Festival continues from generation to generation.” The First Lady said though time has changed, yet the emotion behind the fast which is intrinsic to the festival has kept the tradition of wife's undaunted love for her husband alive. In modern society and with a high tech lifestyle, though small moments of happiness in relationships are getting feeble, the festival like this reinforces and reorients the close knit relationships. The First lady also said that Karwa Chauth is the symbol of trust, bond and affection and the women observe it to strengthen their family bonding and express their respect for their husbands. Karva Chauth holds multiple stories that describe the significance of the Festival. She said that she was really happy to see the participation of several women from all walks of life in celebrating the festival. Karva Chauth shares the message about caring attitude and affection that should prevail between a husband and a wife. She further said that the festival is unparalleled in the history of the world. She also wished every woman a happy Karva Chauth and prayed that may all the married women stay healthy and lead a happy conjugal life to lead a healthy family. It may be mentioned that Karva Chauth, a traditional Hindu festival is observed by the women for the long life and wellbeing of their husbands. A cultural programme was also organized on the occasion.

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