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Awareness programme on tobacco held in North Lakhimpur

Staff Reporter, North Lakhimpur, October 29: Aide Et Action in association with Assam Cancer Care Foundation organized an awareness programme on the Use of tobacco and its relation with cancer and breast cancer in Lakhimpur Cancer Care Center, North Lakhimpur today. Dr. Ankita Ghosh, Lakhimpur Cancer Centre talked about Cancer and its symptoms. She mainly focused on cancer and health. She said that from a cross sectional study, it is found that people from the tea industry in Assam have high access to tobacco and alcohol. People suffering from cancer must visit Lakhimpur Cancer Care Centre for the best treatment. She also pointed out that with the help of available facilities one can save his or her lives if the treatment started during the initial stage of the disease at low cost.Ritu Rani Borah talked about important of screening (Clinical Breast Examination at SC/HWC & BPHC) and Self Breast Examination, Risk factors, Common signs and symptoms of breast cancer, Health promotion and early detection, Diagnostic process, Mammography, MRI ultrasound, FNAC. She also informed about the comprehensive breast cancer management and free Mammography for women above 45 years at Lakhimpur Cancer Care Center. District Health manager, Community outreach programme, Assam Cancer Care Foundation Sanjeev Kumar Baitha briefed about the advanced laboratory services in the Lakhimpur Cancer Care Centre, along with other best services such as Chemotherapy, Radiation Oncology, CT scan, MRI Mammography, Cancer Screening. Laboratory investigations etc. He also mentioned that any non-cancer patients who need Diagnostic services can do their test in Lakhimpur Cancer Care Centre only. 39 Education facilitators of Aide Et Action were present in the meeting along with Aide Et Action District Coordinator Arnab Ozali. After the sessions from the experts, it was followed by an interactive question- answer session. The Education facilitators asked a lot of questions to the experts regarding cancer and the facilities that are available in Lakhimpur. Aide Et Action District Coordinator Amab Ozah also talked about how it is important to talk about these issues openly with everyone and how he felt happy that Aide Et Action has provided the team members a platform to discuss all the things together. Also, it was discussed how the Education facilitators now will be able to create awareness in the areas they are working in. Presently, they are working at Boginadi, Kadam, Chauldhuwa, Chaboti, Joyhing and Komolaboria of Lakhimpur district, he informed.

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