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Anti- CAA stir continues in Sivasagar

Staff Reporter, Sivasagar, March 14: The anti-CAA stir launched by the combined Opposition Parties and some organizations in Sivasagar, continued today in Doulmukh Chariali. despite a vigilant Police force patrolling the town on all streets. Over a hundred activists of Raijor Dal led by Sivasagar MLA Akhil Gogoi, took part in the demonstration near Dr Bhulen Hazarika's statue from 10 am to 12 am and chanted slogans against the BJP government. The agitationists vowed their commitment to continue the fight against the Act and the government that has implemented it. The Sivasagar MLA read out a copy of the oath to the activists and they all pledged to defeat the BJP in the coming elections in the state.The activists demanded protection of the land, people and the culture of Assam. Akhil Gogoi said that the Chief Minister of Assam is a servant of Delhi. So he cannot defy or dishonour Delhi. He said that CAA will automatically grant citizenship to over a million Bangladeshi people. He reiterated that their agitation will continue till BJP withdraws CAA. He urged the people to oppose BJP and vote for the opposition to defeat the CAA in the parliament. Nearby the activists of Asom Sangrami Sena also carried out a demonstration against CAA implementation in the state. Panjkaj Khound, president, Sangrami Sena, said that the Act will disintegrate Assamese society further.

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