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Rotary Club of Pune Interacts with DHSK College students

Staff Reporter, Dibrugarh, February 25: A team of 57 members from various Rotary clubs in Pune, Maharashtra, has been involved in various aspects of society. After visiting all the states of the North East to create awareness among the people, they arrived in Dibrugarh on 24th February and attended an exchange of views at the heritage Dibrugarh Hanumanbax Surajmall Kanoi College (DHSK College) in the afternoon. The team, led by Subodh Joshi, started their journey from distant Maharashtra in more than 20 vehicles and reached DHSK College at 4.30pm. The scene of the warm welcome from the main gate of the college to the venue with Gayan-Bayan, Bihu, Jhumur and Missing Bihu. The members of the group were overjoyed and everyone participated in the dance to the beat of Jhumur. The program was moderated by Dr. Pallavi Gogoi, Librarian of the college. The members of the group enjoyed Satriya dance, Bihu, Missing Bihu, Jhumur, drum playing and creative dance. The team was welcomed by Kalpana Khound, Senior Member of Dibrugarh District Rotary Club and Retired Principal of DHS Kanoi Commerce College on behalf of Dibrugarh Rotary Club. Rotarian Vinayak Peth of Pune, Maharashtra explained the objectives of the function. All the members of the team thanked the principal of the college Dr. Sashi Kanta Saikia for organizing such a beautiful function and enjoyed the function held under the beautiful lights decorated in the college premises. Every member of the team was impressed by the well-planned green environment of the college. The event was attended by the Dibrugarh Rotary Club and several other office bearers. The event was jointly organized by DHSK College and Dibrugarh Rotary Club. Senior members of Dibrugarh Rotary Club Raju Todi, President Sagar Dutta, Secretary Babita Rajak, Amit Jasrasaria, V. K. Deora, Basanta Garodia and other office bearers. The event was attended by Professor and Rotarian Dr Chandana Goswami, Professor Dr. Biraj Dutta, Professor Sikhamoni Koch Dewri, Professor Dr. Nirmali Pegu, Professor Urmila Ramchiari and Professor Dr Paragjyoti Chutia, Dr. Sashi Kanta Saikia, Principal, thanked him. The event was attended by a large number of faculty, staff and hundreds of students of the college.
As a sign of the event, the principal of the college, Dr. Sashi Kanta Saikia, presented the team with a photograph of some of the still images of the college of the event. The vote of thanks was given by Assistant Governor of Dibrugarh Rotary Club Samir Kumar Todi.

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