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Ferry services suspended in Majuli

Staff Reporter, Majuli, August 27: The ferry rides between Majuli and Nimati in Assam have come to an abrupt standstill, as the Inland Water Transport department declared an indefinite suspension of services. The decision arises from the surging water levels of the Brahmaputra River, an aftermath of relentless heavy rainfall in the region. The river crossings have been disrupted due to the unforeseen escalation of the Brahmaputra River's water levels. The Inland Water Transport department's action comes as a response to the imminent risks posed by the heightened river waters. The sudden suspension has triggered a wave of uncertainty among passengers who rely on these ferry services for daily commutes and transportation of goods. There is no clear indication of when services might resume. The region's susceptibility to heavy rainfall and resultant floods is not new. The cessation of these essential waterway connections has implications for both residents and businesses that rely on these routes for their daily operations.

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