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No vehicle day observes at Lakhimpur Commerce College

Staff Reporter, North Lakhimpur, September 10: The premises otherwise filled with hundreds of two-wheelers and four-wheelers every day are free from engine roar, honking and carbon emissions today. The unusual scene inside the campus of Lakhimpur Commerce College today is because a No Vehicle Day was enforced. The ban comes into force on the second Saturday of every month and all students and teachers and staff of the college refrain from bringing any motorized vehicles. The college's principal, Dr. Lohit Hazarika, said the day was organized to raise awareness on global warming and climate change as a small effort to combat the daily carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The program was organized by the Transport Cell of the college and the coordinator of the cell, Prof. Achyut Gogoi, thanked everyone for the successful implementation of the programme.

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