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IoT-based portable ventilator designed by 

Tezpur University students

News Desk, 14 May, 2021: Students of Tezpur University in Assam have designed an IoT-based portable ventilator, which will help patients with respiratory ailments breathe easily and overcome the problem of shortage of the life-saving instrument, amid a second wave of COVID-19, an official said on Thursday. A set of students is working on the project under the leadership of Chiranjit Adhikary, former guest faculty member, and Firdausa Ahmed, guest faculty member, and the project is controlled by Professor Soumik Roy, the head of the department. “The purpose of the project is to design a portable mechanical ventilator by automating the operation of ‘Ambu Bag’ with volume control ventilation which can be used in respiratory failure,” Roy clarified. The model of the ventilator is cost-effective, and by using IoT as a remote regulatory feature, one can control and monitor the ventilator parameters through mobile phones and computers, he said, adding that it will prevent both the clinicians and the doctors from getting infected through airborne transmission. The portable ventilator is a economical tool and would be available between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000, depending on the features, the statement said. The inventiveness was part of a project, awarded as the ‘Best Innovative Engineering Idea’ under the banner of professor Aparna Kumar Padmapati Annual Scholarship from Assam Engineering College Class 88 Foundation for the 2020-21 year. It is an initiative of alumni of Assam Engineering College, who passed out in 1988, popularly known as AEC Class 88 Foundation.

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