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Stress Management Training for AAI employees held

Staff Reporter, Guwahati, February 20: A half day stress management training programme for the employees of Airports Authority of India posted at Regional Headquarter, North East Region and LGBI Airport, Guwahati was organised today at the AAI Community Centre by members of Brahma Kumaris. Addressing the guests and participants, Shri Sanmukh Jugani, Regional Executive Director, AAI said that stress management is vital for every one and specially for the employees working at the airports. Whatever stress and workload we are borrowing through our daily office tasks, we should learn to relieve it and adopt the teaching in daily life. And I believe that the training session would be a learning experience for all, he added. About 60 employees participated in the training programme with external faculties as Sisters from Brahma Kumaris; sister Sharda and sister Sanhita who delivered lectures in two different sessions on stress free working environment and importance of meditation in life. In the first session the beginning, definition and effects of stress were discussed through practical examples. What are the root causes of stress, how it hampers our daily working style and deformity that it leads to in a human body was widely discussed along with the measures to control and reduce it? The concluding session focused on Rajyoga- Yoga, a way of life where sister Sharda defined the human body as a vehicle that has a driver who needs to be taken care of, but today we have left it unnoticed resulting in different distortion of our body. But Yoga sessions with meditation, concentration can heal the abnormality. Welcoming the participants, Shri Gian Batra, General Manager, Human Resource, AAI said that it is the need of our employees to be stress free and live a healthy life. Awareness for a healthy body, soul and peace of mind is equally important for daily working individuals and we take care of our employees through these sessions. Sisters from Brahma Kumaris are here to teach us about the stress management from which we should benefit, he said. Vote of thanks was delivered by Shri A.K Sharma, General Manager, Engg-Civil wherein he thanked all the participants, organisers and the guests on the occasion for a successful training programme.

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