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Dhakuakhana College wins A in NAAC accreditation

Papu Baruah, Dhakuakhana, September 15: Dhakuakhana College was accorded with ‘A’ grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Members of the NAAC assessment team visited the college on August 22 and 23 last. The team praised the academic and administrative sectors along with the quality of students, regularity of teaching practices, achievements in the fields of education and culture etc. Along with other sectors, the team expressed their satisfaction with the infrastructural facilities of the college. The principal of the college, Dr. Jugananda Sut said that for the last five years, teachers, staff and students of the college worked very hard to upgrade the status of the college to an ‘A’ grade. “Due to such efforts, the college is able to upgrade the CGPA of the last NAAC assessment to a 3.06 CGPA and receive an ‘A’ grade”, he added. Celebrations began in the college premises after the news was confirmed. Everyone associated with the college, including teachers, students, and non-teaching staff, rejoiced and danced together.

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